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Trevor Thomas 

Having spent 6 years in the trade industry, backbreaking work everyday, unappreciative bosses, unbreakable work ethic, and one unhappy and unfulfilled employee I decided it was time to find something that I could apply my work ethic too and actually build something for myself rather then helping others achieve there dreams.
Being an entrepreneur seemed like a very natural next step in life and I could actually help others get the most out of life! Being a welder and mechanic teaches you patience, hard work, problem solving, and how to accomplish something no matter what obstacles are standing in your way. I also learned that commitment, dedication, and passion are key building blocks in getting the most out of your life and without them you will remain stuck in the same position. Now I am passionate and committed to helping as many people as humanly possible! I now find unfulfilled tradesman and can actually put my skills to use and help them through there personal growth journey on becoming a business owner and taking control of their life!
Also helping them see that dreaming and thinking big is never a negative aspect in life but a huge motivation driver for their life to make sure they achieve all of their wildest dreams all while becoming the best version of themselves! My years in the trades have shown me just how valuable time is and that you can’t just let life pass you by. I knew there was times in my life that weren’t my proudest but even the darkest of times teach you the skills to help you stand out and shine in a crowd of thousands! Learning this new set of skills to be an entrepreneur, great leader, and someone people can look to in order to be empowered by has been the most incredible decision I have made in my life!
Finding this opportunity that allows me all the free time all while creating generational wealth for my entire family has allowed me to grow into a successful entrepreneur with no cap on just how far you can grow!

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Presented By: Adam Charron

After working 14 years in the construction/oilfield industry and going exactly no where, I decided I wanted more out of life.
 I wanted to spend time with my 2 kids and wife. I was tired of living in debt and working 50+ hours a week. I decided that if I could learn multiple different trades, to use dozens of different tools, then I could learn to use the phone on my pocket to make more money.
Using this system I’ve been able to get my freedom back and ready to coach and mentor others to do the same!


In This Masterclass We Are Going To Break Down The Exact Blueprint For You To Create Your Legacy Business Online. 


You're Tired Of Working Sun Up Till Sun Down, You're Feeling Overworked And Under Valued, You're Sick Of Missing Out On Precious Time Spent With Friends And Family, You Desire More Out Of Life. 


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Listen To What These Amazing People Have To Say About Shifting Into The Online Space By Implementing The 4 Pillars In Our Legacy Blueprint.



This Masterclass Is For You If Your Ready To Dive Deep Into Personal Development And Become The Best Version Of Yourself.


Plug Into A Community Of Successful Online Entrepreneurs To Help Guide You Through The Process To Learn What It Takes To Build A Legacy Business Online! 


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